Eight Flame Dragons
flame of recca
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Songs from Flame of Recca
Nanka Shiawase (opening theme)

Episode Guide
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1. The Princess and her Ninja, The Awakened Power!
2. The Flame and the Wind God, A Dangerous Allurement!
3. The Swordman of Water Fangs of Vengeance!
4. The Mysterious Mirror Flames of Desparation!
5. Shadow Warriors and the Mystery of the Hokage!
6. The Controller of Fear, Kurei!
7. The Stone Guard, The Game of Death!
8. The Doll House, Fuko's Deadly Struggle!
9. more to come... (once i get there!)

Elemental Weapons
Click on the name of the Elemental Weapon for a picture.

Eikai Ball - Kage Houshi
A crystal sphere topped with a claw that enables someone see the present or the past, although it isn't always reliable because it cannot see into Kurei's mansion.

Fujin - Kirisawa Fuko
An arm bracer that Fujin wears that allows her to control the wind. The Fujin has a space for a gem in the middle of it because the original is missing, but there are four other ones that can be equipped in its place if need be...

Ensui - Mikagami Tokiya
Tokiya's sword, the Ensui originally looks like the hilt of a blade, but when it comes in contact with water, it takes in the water and becomes a full sword. Depending on how much water is taken in, it can have different levels of power. It supposedly can cut through anything. Using this sword, Tokiya can freeze enemies, create immobile copies of himself, make icicles fly everywhere, etc...

Kougon Anki - Koganei Kaoru
The "five-faced weapon". A golden halberd that can morph into five different stances. First stance: Kiba - the halberd, which is the normal shape of the weapon. Second stance: Ryu - the chain sickle. Third stance: Kyoku - the scissors. Fourth stance: Mikazuki - the boomerang. Fifth (and final) stance: An - the bow. Koganei Kaoru recieved this weapon from Kurei because he is really good at puzzles and his weapon is just one big puzzle.

Saturn's Ring - Ishijima Domon
This is the ring Domon wears on his nose. It makes the user many times more powerful, but only when that person really really needs to be. Thusly, Domon doesn't use it very often.

Kata Kugutsu - Ganbo
Allows to control another person as if s/he was a puppet by weaving "strings" around him/her. Can also animate a puppet and give it limited free will.

Sekichu - Sekioh
Covers the user in a powerful stone armor suit. User can also use the stones from the armor at a weapon, so it's very dangerous. Destroyed by Domon when he tapped the true power of Saturn's Ring for the first time.

Kodama - Nagai Moukuren
An elemental weapon that can control plants. It's effects were magnified in the series due to Genjuro's manipulations.

Kuchibashi Oh - Kuchibashimaru
Looks like a giant silver beak on a chain. Can be thrown and used to grab someone from a distance. Once mastered, the length of the chain can vary, and the user can control the weapon "as if it was his arm".

Oni no Tsume - Tsumemaru
Was initially a giant five-bladed gauntlet, but Fuko removed its gem and placed it in the empty socket on her Fujin, allowing her to create the "Kaze No Tsume".

Hizangu - Hanemaru
Supposedly allows the user to fly. Originally used by the moronic Hanemaru who winded up flying off of a cliff.

Bo-Staff - Daikoku
The unnamed weapon is just known as the bo-staff. Unlike a normal bo, this one vibrates causing its target to shatter when hit. Tokiya expertly used his Ensui to destroy the bo.

Nan - Minamino
A small gem which makes the user's body as soft and flexible as rubber. Minamino uses it in his fight with Domon so that Domon couldn't damage him with his punches.

Shiki Gami/Paper (the one on the right) - Saicho
Same name, different Kanji. This one allows someone to control paper. Saicho can make a shield (Nuno Zarashi) or even a sword (Fuyo no Ken) that can block Recca's fire techniques. His techniques also include the Cyclone Paper Dance.

Oni - Kukai
"Buddha will forgive you up to three times." If its wielder is struck thrice, the weapon (which has the shape of one of those huge-beaded buddhist necklaces) turns him becomes an unstoppable killing machine - an Oni.

Shiki Gami/Hair (the one on the left) - Sakura Meno
An elemental weapon that turns hair into living blades and knives. It's effects were magnified in the series due to Genjuro's manipulations.

Mugen - Genjuro
A weapon that can minimize anything. Even people.

Kotodama - Aki
Creates illusions/hallucinations that extremely powerful and dangerous enough to kill its victims.

Fukyo Waon - Neon
An elemental weapon that converts sound or music into energy. Neon uses a flute as a "power source".

Yamabiko - Miki
A small mirror that reflects all kinds of energy, even soundwaves.

Idaten - Miki
Allows the user to run really, *really* fast.

Nisebi - Kashamaru
Allows the user to copy any flame-based attack.

Kaigetsu - Tsukishiro
A curved sword. Actually more like a freaking giant half-moon blade. Length beween the tips is about 3 feet. The arc made by the blade amounts to 7 or 8 feet.

Oboro - Tsukushiro
A white cloth that makes its user practically invisible by bending light around it.

Magagumo - Gashakura
A freakingly powerful (and somewhat ugly) suit of armor. Has three "legs" on each shoulder which are actually really big (1.5 feet wide), flexible and *very* fast tentacle whips made out of something that looks like a mix between bone and metal. Each of those "whips" can extend up to 50 feet and are nearly indestructible. Gashakura (who, btw, is about 10 feet tall) wielded it with a 500-kg morning star.

???? - Magensha
Real name unknown as of episode 36. I believe it allows someone to translocate with another individual. I'm not quite sure yet. I'll update the information as I get the final episodes.

Contact Information

Right, well, I don't usually put up offers for full episodes of this show or any of the others on this site. But since I finally have all of the shows contact me at SnowmanCD@aol.com (make sure the word "anime" is in the title or i'll probably just delete it...) if you want any of the episodes of this show or any of the others (that's DBZ, escaflowne w/ the movie, outlaw star, flame of recca, irresponsible captain tylor, cowboy bebop, or love hina) then contact me. It will, of course cost you, but not that much, probably just 2$ a disk. This site was last modified on March 10, 2002.